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Your Allocated Budget for IT Should Probably Be Bigger

Your Allocated Budget for IT Should Probably Be Bigger

Common knowledge states that the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should put as much funding as possible into your most essential resources—such as your IT.

This, however, can be a hard sell to yourself or anyone invested in your company… partners and staff included. 

Let’s make the hypothetical argument for increasing your IT budget and optimally utilizing it to accomplish your needs more effectively. 

Why is an Increased IT Budget Worthwhile?

Investing more in your business’ information technology has plenty of benefits despite the considerable upfront expense, plus the ongoing costs of keeping it all up-to-date and secure.


Having an advantage.

Let me put it this way: who would you pick to be on your trivia team, Jeopardy winner-turned-host Ken Jennings, or a neighbor whose trivia knowledge exclusively comes from Snapple caps?

The difference is akin to updated technology compared to that which is getting a little long in the tooth.

It isn’t a secret that business technology is constantly being innovated upon and improved in terms of its capabilities and security, just as any technology is. Of course, this kind of innovation and improvement will require some investment.

With more money supporting your IT, you’ll have greater opportunities to align your technology to your business objectives, with more freedom to invest in things like:

  • Cybersecurity solutions, from firewalls and threat detection systems to employee training and incident response
  • Software, including licensing and subscriptions
  • Hardware upgrades to help ensure your IT remains a productivity driver
  • Cloud hosting and other services, like storage and computing capability
  • Talent development, whether in the form of recruitment or training initiatives

The advantages here should be apparent, as they make your IT a better tool for your business and help keep your business more secure.

The World is Putting Money into IT… It’s Time to Join It

According to data from Gartner, forecasted IT spending for this year—2024—showed 8% growth. As a result, global spending is expected to reach $5.1 trillion this year.

While we aren’t suggesting that the businesses of Missouri should make up a particularly large chunk of that spending, today’s typical business operations make information technology an essential aspect to invest in—almost without regard for your business finances.

Of course, that isn’t a realistic benchmark for most of us to commit to in our operations. That’s why we provide our IT services in a way that is designed to maximize the value our clients receive.

We price our services on a monthly basis, giving you access to comprehensive IT services and all their advantages for a predictable, stable investment. As a result, you can experience the benefits we touched on without throwing dollars blindly at a problem.

Give iTSTL a call at (314)828-1234 to learn more about our comprehensive IT services.

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